Copy Value

Umbraco v7.15.10

This Property Editor is a simple copy button that copies one or many values from a property into another property. Useful when you have more than one property with the same purpose, but that may or may not be the same value. Minimizes duplication of work. Ex. When you want an article title to replicate into the meta title.

•Creates a button that copies values from one (or several) property into another. The values are copied following the same index of the string array.

•The Required Fields are 'From' and 'To', which can be multiple properties, comma separated

•Supports en-US and pt-BR

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    Install via NuGet

        Install-Package SplatDev.Umbraco.Plugins.CopyValue
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    The Data Type is free, opens source and has no restrictions on distribution. The only request is to maintain references to the author (SplatDev).