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These are some of the projects we have already worked on or are currently working on. Every project you participated in, consulted on, completed, created and delivered. Project focus can vary, but most are on ASP.NET, MVC, and C#. There are also plugins for Umbraco CMS.

  • This is a simple project used to redirect simple urls to full urls, much like Bit.ly. You can download the source code and use it for yourself too, it's FREE and Open Source.
  • Small asp.net web server based on the Cassini++ project. A simple .net v4 web server, for portable deployments. Does not require installation and is easy to maintain. It can run normal webform as well as MVC applications. Created in C# and Windows Forms
  • This project creates a Data Type with a Default Value (used for properties that cannot be modified).
  • A textbox or textarea based on character limit
  • Instead of having to place your social media channels one by one, why not add a macro that will render all the channels for you.
  • Analytics tools to keep track of visits within the site (for page counters and such) former visit counter.
  • A fancy representation of the true/false editor. Very simple, but helps conveying image statuses to backoffice users, instead of using a dull checkbox.
  • A simple YouTube property editor that has a preview box for the video.
  • Implements a visual representation (hidden/visible) for the umbracoNaviHide property
  • Creates a button that copies values from one (or several) property into another. The values are copied following the same index of the string array.
  • A simple image ad preview (for custom ads, not google ads, etc)
  • A simple visual representation of a restricted page (for members navigation for example)